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Master Trainer for International Sports Conditioning Certification, 86 Certifications in Fitness, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Spartan SGX Coach, Fitness Professional for 20 + years, Uses motivational techniques, innovative exercises and sound nutrition tips to help people achieve their goals and increase their confidence. In my spare time, you will find me competing in Spartan Races, trail races, taking hot yoga, lifting or traveling the world.


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When my daughter gifted me a six week session of Madfitness for my 66th birthday, I was a little skeptical that I was up for it.  I had started a new and very stressful job over three years ago, and during that time had pretty much stopped exercising.  During most of my life I have been in pretty decent shape, and no stranger to a good work out, so I was determined to give it a try and see what happened.  Although it is challenging, it is a challenge that I am up to, and have come a long way since Day 1; I recently signed up for a second six week session!  
  Madeline is an amazing fitness instructor, creatively inspiring and highly motivating, and I am easily able to connect through Zoom for the classes. She is excellent at tailoring the exercises to any individual physical limitations (like my knees) or temporary injuries, and always offers a modified version of the exercise in those cases.  In addition to numerous fitness certifications, Madeline is also a certified nutritionist, and offers chats on nutrition in additional to the daily fitness classes.  She is happy to answer all questions after the classes or chats, or through responses to emails, or through a private Facebook page where information is posted, and participants can post comments to her, and words of encouragement to each other.   I highly recommend Madfitness classes for anyone who, like me, wants to get exercise back into their lives, and needs a push.  It's never too late!


Madeline Dolente is an awesome, one-of-a-kind fitness professional and trainer. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about all different types of exercise, training, nutrition, supplements and more, she is an incredible motivator! She never stops challenging you to go beyond your comfort zone and to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Whether you are new to fitness or have been doing it for years, you will become hooked on working out with Madeline. She is also a very thoughtful and caring person, and wants to do whatever it takes to help you on your fitness journey. I highly recommend Madeline.

Alisha K. Martinez, Annandale, VA

I've never been this motivated to workout! In my 12 weeks working with Madeline, I have lost 10 pounds and feel more toned than I ever have before. I continue to be so impressed that we never repeat a workout! She customizes each workout ranging from total body, HIIT, upper body, lower body, core, and kickboxing. I have so much more energy and look forward to every workout. Join one of her programs - you will LOVE IT!


Whoohoo!!! I'm excited to start my 3rd challenge with Madeline on her MADFITNESS Game Changers Program!! I was led to Madeline's program through a friend. When I first joined her program, I was truly surprised on how Madeline listened to my concerns, dilemmas, goals and the challenges I have with my marathon training. I truly enjoyed Madeline's challenges and have seen great results not only physically but also mentally.
Before I met Madeline, I had set a goal for myself to run my first full marathon. When I told her about my goal, she was excited for me and coached me throughout my marathon training while I was doing her MADFITNESS Game Changers Program. I have to say, any Coach who will get out there and run with you to complete your virtual full marathon is pretty AMAZING! Madeline ran the last 10 miles with me when I did my first full marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. It was definitely the extra push I needed to achieve my goal.
If you are looking for not only a great coach but a team of people who will push, elevates and encourages you to be the better version of yourself... I highly recommend Madeline's MADFITNESS Game Changers Program!

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